The Perfect Sweetspot Optimiser

I have been searching for many years to find a product that can improve the performance of a racket and I truly believe I have found it. SO-STAB® has been developed over a period of 12 years, the benefits can be experienced by the full spectrum of players from the tour player to the scoial player. I am very proud to be the UK Sole Distributor for SO-STAB®, if you would like further information about the product please go to the official website shown below or email me at

I am running a few special offers to promote SO-STAB®, purchase for £25.00 and enter the PROMO Code of UK1967PJM to receive a 15% discount. You will then get your personalised SO-STAB® stringing instructions sent to your email address, then get your regular stringer to restring your racket. Please ensure that your stringer has an electronic stringing machine, they may also charge a little more due to the length of time it takes to use the SO-STAB® technology.


The 2nd option is for me to purchase SO-STAB® on your behalf for £25.00 and I will then discount your chosen restring by £5.00.

The video below will demonstrate the difference in performance between a racket strung in a traditional method and a racket strung using SO-STAB®.

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