String Types

Natural Gut


This is the string that still offers the ultimate in playability, but they are very expensive and sensitive to weather. There has been improvement made in durability during the past few years and still many of the pros play with natural gut. A modern trend now is to have Natural Gut used in the cross string only and a more durable string for the mains, this is commonly known as a hybrid re-string.


Nylon Strings


Nylon Strings


Nylon strings have excellent dynamic properties and is well suited as a material for tennis strings. Contruction varies with higher grade strings having multiple wraps which improves playability and reduces tension loss. Recommended for players seeking palyability and durability at a reasonable price.


Polyester Strings


Monofilament Strings


Polyester strings have become extremely popular with tour professionals due to the added durability and minimal tension loss. Many of the ATP tour players will have a polyester string in the mains with a softer string such as natural gut or a multi-filament string in the crosses.


Multifilament Strings


Multifilament Strings


A string which was designed to be have similar palying characteristics to natural gut, the string is made up of many microfibers twisted together and then wrapped with a resisant cover. The result is a soft and comfortable string, recommended for players suffering from arm problems who don’t want to pay the high price for natural gut. 


Hybrid Strings


Hybrid String


Hybrid strings are a combination of two different strings for mains and crosses. This type of re-string has become increasingly popular with tour professionals who want durability and playability, the popular choice is to have a duarable string in the mains and a softer string in the crosses. A good example of this would to have a polyester string in the mains and either natural gut or a multifilament for the crosses.

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