If I have tennis elbow what type of string should I use?


A softer string such as natural gut or a multifilament string type whould be best.


What thickness of string should I use?


The thickness or guage comes in various sizes as shown below, as a general rule thinner strings will grip the ball better but are likely to be less duarable.


19 gauge = 1.00mm - 1.10mm
18 gauge = 1.10mm - 1.16mm
17L gauge = 1.16mm - 1.20mm
17 gauge = 1.20mm - 1.24mm

16L gauge 

= 1.22mm - 1.26mm

16 gauge

= 1.26mm - 1.33mm

15L gauge

= 1.34mm - 1.40mm

15 gauge

= 1.41mm - 1.49mm


What tension should I have my racket strung at?


You should always stay within the manufacturers recommended tension, this is usually displayed on the inside of the racket throat. That said the higher the string tension will result in the ability to hit more spin but will be less forgiving on the arm and the lower the tension will result in more power with a bigger sweetspot. There is usually a little trial and error before you will find the perfect tension for your playing style.

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